Our Mission

"The Fight of Our Life" is an initiative created to unite the Black community in all facets. Bridging the gap between activism and serving the community, "The Fight of Our Life" collectively gathers activists, business owners, politicians, spiritual leaders, students, & more together in order to circulate economic growth and foster a positive relationship within the Black community. Through having panels, events, rallies, protests, and more, "The Fight of Our Life" is dedicated to reaching the Black community as a whole in order to continue to fight towards racial justice and equality.


The uphill battle the Black community has faced relating to oppression will not be solved overnight by a one size fits all solution; the fight against oppression has to be manifested in ways that require unity, strategy, and thorough organization. "The Fight of Our Life" joins together front line activists with your everyday 9-5 worker in order to not only combat racial disparities and oppression but also to uplift and acquire generational success/wealth within the black community.  We won't stop fighting until justice is served because this is the fight of our life.




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